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Striking a balance: Setting boundaries as a Hair loss Specialist

When starting your hair loss business, it can be easy to start doing ALL THE THINGS.

Setting clear boundaries with your clients will give you satisfaction in your work & your personal life.

Here are some tips to help you set up your boundaries.

  1. Set a day & time to answer & send e-mails. Communicate these times to colleagues & clients. Stop checking work related emails & texts when it is not in your designated time slot.

  2. Organize important tasks first. Break down larger tasks first & do the things that you want to put off first. Getting things done that you are not looking forward to first will make the whole rest of the day so much easier. I feel so much more efficient when I do the hard things first.

  3. Create a workspace. If possible, have a seperate work space. I don't know about you, but I can get in my creative zone, if I am in my work space. If I am sitting in my favorite chair in my pajamas, than I am more likely to want to watch Netflix or Tik Toks.

  4. Unplug & recharge. Take the time to unplug and recharge. What relaxes you? Do more of that. If you feel guilty when you do this (like I do) then think of it as reward for a job well done. You deserve to celebrate yourself. Speaking of Celebrate..

  5. Celebrate your wins & losses. Yeah, you heard me. Celebrate when you lose. Focusing on a lesson learned will automatically shift your perspective on the situation. This creates a positive mindset & a psychological resilience that most people do not posses.

This will evolve over time & remember that schedules change. Soccer & Meetings come up so make choices that support your family & well-being.

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