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Certified Trichologist for hair loss


Welcome to Tricho EDU.  We are dedicated to providing easy to understand education on hair loss for hairstylists, wellness professionals & med spas. Empowering and equipping you with expert knowledge. We offer in depth courses, and insights to help you become a trusted authority in addressing hair loss. Join us on this transformative journey and make a profound impact on your clients' lives, one client at a time.


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Hi there, My name is Tabitha, the passionate force behind Tricho EDU.

In the world of hairstyling, my creative ADHD brain has always been my compass. I find sheer joy in the varied textures of hair and the art of making it move. Yet, beneath my passion lay a personal struggle – fine and thinning hair, mirroring that of 90% of my clientele.

Driven by a love for the science of hair, I dived into the world of trichology when both my clients and I faced the daunting reality of hair loss. But, despite my thirst for knowledge, I didn't think I could do it. . Doubt gnawed at me; could I truly remember all of the information that I would be taught?

Then, after two years of contemplation, a coach's simple question pierced through my uncertainty: "What are you waiting for?" It was like a bolt of lightning, igniting a fire within me. That very day, I made the leap, never once looking back.

As I journeyed through the world of trichology, helping countless souls sstruggling with hair loss, I found a sense of fulfillment unlike any other. It became clear that this knowledge was too precious to keep to myself. Hairstylists, with our intimate understanding of the emotional toll hair loss takes on our clients, we are the perfect person to offer support.

Too often, I heard stories of frustration from clients failed by dermatologists, left alone in their search for solutions. I believe that in the not-so-distant future, Trichologists will be the first call for those facing hair loss. And I am certain – as hairstylists, we hold the power to make a difference. We are the confidants our clients trust, and with our newfound expertise, we can guide them toward hope.


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