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Solutions beyond Scissors: Hair Loss Services

Are you ready to think outside the box and add some services to your menu that people are searching for on google? Get ready to unlock your creativity and discover new ways to help your clients and put some extra money in your pocket.

Hair Mist Machines:

These bad boys are a game changer. Everyone who walks through the salon says "What is that & can I do it."

This is a hair and scalp healer on wheels. The fine mist will help the hair treatment penetrate the hair on a deep level. This will restore moisture, strengthen the follicle, add shine and de-frizz the hair. The red light therapy stimulates hair follicles, promotes blood circulation and increases protein. This will help with thinning hair & hair loss.

Here is the one I use in the salon: LINK

Don't have the money to invest in one right now? No problem, You can get an inexpensive towel warmer like THIS ONE or just run a towel under hot water and add some great smelling conditioner or essential oils to the towel.

The Magic of Clip in Hair Extensions:

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to do extensions. I honestly have seen a lot of hair loss with glue and tape-in extensions. Hear me out - Read this BLOG to hear my side of the story. Clip in extensions are amazing when wanting to add more hair and fill in some space. This can also be a great money maker. I like the seamless clip ins by Hidden Crown. Halo couture has great clip in bang pieces & Halo's.

Hair loss products that work:

Finding products that actually work can take some time. If you already have a brand that you believe in than you are on the right path. You have to believe in the products to sell them. I believe in Nutrafol. I have seen amazing results on myself and my clients. This can be a great addition to your retail line in your salon or suite.

Become a Certified Fine Hair Specialist:

Yes, it is a thing. I have a complete class on my own method on how I cut and color Fine and thinning hair. If you want to become an expert in your area for fine and thinning hair then this is your chance. CLICK HERE to get more info. This cut and color method comes FREE with the Hair loss specialist course.

Hairstylists have so many options beyond scissors to make an impact on your clients and your bank account. So, let your imagination run wild. Make a plan this year to increase your services and your income. You won't regret it.


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