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Hair Extensions Unveiled: Fun, Fabulous & the hidden hazards

In this blog post, we'll explore the fun and fabulous side of hair extensions while shedding light on the potential harms they can pose to your natural hair and scalp. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of information as we dive into the world of extensions!

Oh, let me count the ways:

Sew in, weaves, pre-bonded, fusion, microlink and even tape in. There are so many ways to add hair but do they all come with a price (and I am not talking money)?

Safeguarding your clients Tresses:

Get Certified in the extensions that you want to do. Do not skip this step and think that you can wing it. Hair extensions must be properly installed and removed. Your client should have a detailed instruction brochure to take home and maintenance check ups should be consistent. This is nothing to mess around with. When hair extensions are not properly installed and are put tightly to the scalp, than you are pinching the blood supply from the hair. This will lead to permanent or scarring hair loss if done over a period of time.

Potential Risk & Dangers:

Just like Eyelash glue, clients can be allergic. Although it can be rare, clients can be allergic to the glue, hair or even the rings themselves. If any symptoms should occur like itching, redness, small bumps or inflammation on the scalp or neck than the client is having an allergic reaction. Worse reactions may include headaches & vomiting.

The hair can be too heavy for the hair type or scalp sensitivity. If someone has a sensitive scalp than the lowest weight possible is advised. If the hair is supper fine or thin than the weight of the hair can cause breakage and even permanent hair loss.

Clip-ins or Toppers:

I love to offer clip in extensions, halo's & toppers for my clients. They are light and can be removed. The most breakage and damage from hair extension happens when the hair is wet and heavy and when the client is sleeping. Clip-ins are a great alternative. You can still get the effect of full & fabulous hair and then take it out to shampoo and sleep. Halo couture and Hidden crown are a great source.

Hair extensions can be a fun and transformative tool for achieving various hairstyles, but it's essential to be aware of the potential risks and hidden dangers they can pose to your natural hair and scalp. By understanding these risks, practicing proper maintenance, and exploring alternatives, your client can enjoy the benefits of extensions while safeguarding the health of their precious tresses.

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