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Top-Earning Hairstylists Don’t Just Offer the Basics


They offer custom-tailored solutions to their clients.


Most of your clients come to you for the basic services, but some of your clients have other problems you can solve and they’ll happily pay you a premium if you can help them.


Unfortunately, most stylists don’t have the proper education to be able to offer this help to their clients, and so they lose out on extra revenue and clients they could have otherwise had..


I’m on a mission to solve this problem with my platform TrichoEDU.

TrichoEDU gives you the entire blueprint for adding highly in-demand hair treatments that will have clients paying you more and telling all their friends about you as well!


FDA cleared, effective hair growth caps.


Fibers that will not clog or damage the hair follicles.

USE CODE: TabithaHairstylist10 

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Learn more about me & my Hair Loss Services.

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