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Trichology education for the hair industry
"We are here to help you uncover your essential role in the Hair Loss industry.  Embrace a new era, where every client consultation becomes a platform to empower them with knowledge. Join us in the ever changing world of hair care, making meaningful impacts one consultation at a time"


Hair loss specialist course for hairstylists

Done for you hand outs for clients

Functions of the skin & scalp

Hair structure & classifications

The 5 main causes of Hair loss & treatments

Microscopic evaluations

List of Hair loss products

Nutrition for Hair

Stress & hair loss

Includes Fine Hair Specialist course

Fine hair specialist course for cut and color services
How to cut Fine hair

How to color/highlight fine hair to make it look fuller

Scalp massage techniques

How to style fine/thinning hair for maximum lift

Why fine hair is different
Free with Hair loss Specialist course


Trichology online course for hairstylists

Everything to start your hair loss business

Done for you questionnaires, brochures & handouts.

Moving beyond self-doubt

Hair Analysis testing

Covid hair loss

Scarring & non-scarring hair loss & treatments

Scalp Conditions & treatments

Hair shaft & fiber conditions

Autoimmune hair loss

Medications & hair loss

Gut health

Nutrition & Supplements

Community & Support

And more.....

4 monthly payments

Join high performing Hairstylist.
Hairstylists who want to change the industry.
Incorporate specialized services.

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